MDS Cufflinks


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MDS Worldwide Cufflinks and Pins, featuring the Official MDS Family and Wolfpack Insignia—a creation that epitomizes strength and unity in self-protection. Crafted meticulously by our Design Department, this emblem showcases the commanding Punisher Skull, adorned with the signature PY blades by Bastinelli Knives. This design reflects a resolute commitment to self-protection on a global scale. Expertly brought to life by ArchaIcon, the skull boasts the unmistakable imagery of the Punisher, while Bastinelli Knives’ finely crafted PY blades add a touch of awe-inspiring craftsmanship. The insignia now graces cufflinks and pins, in addition to the original pendant and patch, ensuring that you can carry its potent symbolism with you wherever you go. With every cufflink and pin, you carry the embodiment of strength, unity, and unwavering dedication to self-protection—a testament to a commitment that knows no borders.