About Us


Everyone is Unique. Body, Mind and Spirit!

At Archa Icon, we believe that everyone possesses a distinct essence that deserves to be celebrated. Our passion lies in creating exceptional pieces that reflect your individuality, capturing the perfect blend of artistry and personal style.
With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, we transform dreams, designs, and small fantasies into tangible realities. Using a fusion of traditional techniques and modern innovation, our skilled artisans bring forth exquisite creations in silver, fine gold, and other premium materials.
Archa Icon is not just a brand; it’s a testament to the power of self-expression and the beauty of embracing one’s uniqueness. Join us on this journey of wearable artistry and let your individuality shine through.

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Elias Keranis

The first time I sat by the jewelry bench was at the age of 8 and the first tools I learned to use were the metal saw, file and fire.
That was enough to put the creative seed in me and the love for jewelry making.
At the age of 14, I started taking jewelry classes and working at a jewelry workshop alongside school. I have been making jewelry for 27 years and counting.
In 2007 I launched my first private jewelry line under Archa Icon’s label and I haven’t looked back since.
In 2013 I expanded my creativity to miniature creations, sculpting and statue making by launching the Bronze Dragon Line which will be also available on Etsy soon.
My sources of inspiration are classic antiqued art, music, history and culture from tribes all over the World, martial arts, tattoo, body modification and pop culture.
In the 90s I used to be involved with music journalism and black metal. It gave me the opportunity to connect with bands and musicians and started creating jewelry for their merchandise. Some of these bands are : Mayhem (Ordo Ad Chao Box Set), Voivod, OurBanshee, Yoth Iria, Necromantia, Sargeist, Possessed, as well as for the famous venue Torture Garden.
In a market dominated by mass-produced cheap and cheerful jewelry, we want to stand out by preserving the craftsmanship and the soul that goes into jewelry making.
We want our jewelry and art to become timeless relics and items that pass on from generation to generation.

Sofia Palma

Sophia started practicing painting, sculpture, and many other forms of art from a young age, as she assisted her father who was a visual artist with many of his projects. She also studied music and dance, spending many hours at her mother’s dance school since childhood, where she was also taught.

After finishing high school, she had the opportunity to graduate from the Graphic Design Department, where she gained a general knowledge of the arts through freehand drawing, photography, darkroom techniques, decoration, linear drawing, and more. She completed her studies in graphic design at the public IEK.

Following her classical music studies, she continued with studies in sound engineering at the IEK AKMI. After about 10 years of working in the audio field, she had the opportunity to become involved in jewelry-making, where she learned basic 3D design software.

Currently, she is involved in jewelry design using computer software, as well as mixed media sculpting. Sophia is also a permanent member of Archa Icon, working closely in the design process.