Manowar Vengeance



Introducing the Manowar Vengeance Sword, a masterpiece crafted exclusively for the modern leader of the remarkable Power and Epic Metal movement, Joey De Maio. As the extraordinary band returned to Athens after a prolonged absence, they drew deep inspiration from the Hellenic Pantheon and Heroic culture, infusing their music with their timeless essence. Sharing the stage were the illustrious Poets and Actors of the Xarhakos Family, adding a layer of artistic brilliance to the performance. With unparalleled dedication, we stood at the forefront of designing the original artwork for the sword, channeling the essence of the band’s iconic albums over the years. The Triumph of Steel, a tribute to the historical events of Troy, served as a wellspring of inspiration. Every nuance of the sword, meticulously produced by ArchaIcon, reflects a devotion to authenticity. From the minutest details of the handguard to the blade’s tip, the sword embodies truth and light in its purest form. Just as ArchaIcon consistently delivers, the Sword of Vengeance stands as an embodiment of artistry and precision that resonates with the core of Power and Epic Metal.