Genesis The Enchantress



Genesis: Enchantress represents the pinnacle of artistry, a creation by the esteemed Michael Kontraros, one of our esteemed collaborators. Transcending its original form, Michael’s exquisite sculpt now transforms into an extraordinary piece of Fine Jewelry Art. This captivating Enchantress comes adorned with the finest materials – a blend of Silver 925o and Gold plating, zirconium, embellished with semi-precious stones that grace the headpiece with elegance.
Delve into the depths of artistry as the inner side of the ring bears engravings, displaying both the Sculptor’s Sign and the Archaicon Sign of Authenticity. This is just the beginning – a harbinger of a new era where fully sculpted Jewelry Art will merge fantasy and elegance. With meticulous attention to detail, this mesmerizing piece sets the stage for a collection that encapsulates the ethereal and the refined.