Console Club Keychain and Pendant



In the vibrant realm of gaming, the iconic Green Alien insignia has transcended beyond a mere symbol, becoming synonymous with the essence of hardcore gaming and the peripherals that accompany it, spanning across consoles and beyond. In a remarkable nod to two decades of dedicated existence within the ever-evolving gaming landscape, the Console Club has proudly selected us to craft their commemorative keychains and lapel pins. Picture the Green Alien insignia—a beacon of the gaming subculture, an emblem of unyielding dedication to immersive virtual worlds. For two decades, this insignia has emblazoned itself upon the hearts of passionate gamers, a constant companion through the dynamic evolution of the gaming sphere. In this era where the gaming market has evolved into a challenging crucible of innovation and transformation, the Console Club’s choice to entrust us with their celebratory tokens speaks volumes about our craft. Each meticulously crafted keychain and lapel pin becomes a tangible embodiment of resilience, camaraderie, and shared gaming experiences. As we join hands to mark this significant milestone, envision these pieces as more than just accessories. They are tributes to late-night sessions, unforgettable victories, and bonds formed over shared quests. They encapsulate not just two decades of existence, but a journey marked by growth, adaptation, and unbridled passion. So, here’s to 20 years of uncharted levels, immersive storylines, and endless quests. May these keychains and lapel pins be the tangible trophies that stand as testament to the Console Club’s indomitable spirit and enduring connection with the gaming community.