MDS California



Introducing the Official MDS California and North America MDS Family and Wolfpack Insignia, a unique creation meticulously curated by our Design Department. This emblem holds significant meaning, uniting the strength of the Punisher Skull with the Original Open Red Triangle of Protection, making it an emblem of unparalleled significance in the realm of no nonsense self-protection systems on a global scale. With our expertise, ArchaIcon has sculpted the Punisher Skull, infusing it with the brilliance of stars and the vibrant hues of the proud American flag. This has been masterfully executed through a high-gloss Smalto finish and intricate engraving. The resulting pendant and patch are available for purchase, crafted from silver or bronze, and bearing the original heavy-duty Velcro on the back. This emblem is more than just an accessory; it’s a representation of power, unity, and unwavering dedication to self-protection worldwide.