Citrin – Amethyst Claw Ring


The Citrine Amethyst Claw ring is simple but tremendous shiny fine piece, an everyday ring of Beauty. Four Claw like tooth’s silver pieces are grubbing the Hydro Stone in the sides, but the beauty of this piece, as it come always with statement rings or Solitaire rings like this one, is the way that the light is spread threw the Stone and reflects the multi-faced cut of the Oval Stone!

This is not an organic stone but a Hydro Citrine and we exchange the citrine with Hydro Amethyst stone, which will come in photos shortly.
We prefer to give for now another option to our clients and friends that is economical, nature-friendly as always from recycled materials, like Silver and Gold, but the Stones is a total
different Story, hopefully, you will be happy with our collected stones that pick up for you individually.

Weight: 11 grams
Stone measurements :
1,8 cm height x 1,3 wide, cone height 1,2 cm